Options to Traditional Strapless Bra for better support and look when you buy Lingerie online.

A lot of times normal strapless Bra does not have support as well it does not maintain the proximity to the breast creating some oops moments or unconscious peek-a-book moments. They also do not help to create a little push-up effect. Most of the time women tend to buy the wrong product. But now lingerie products have evolved to provide multiple choices for modern women. These products can give the options for multiple levels of support.

Self-adhesive Bra without strap – These bras have hygienic glue which allows the bra to stick to the breast and they do not leave any gaps between the Breast and the cups. They come with a little knot which can allow you to create a little push-up effect as well are perfect without any obstructive straps.

Self-adhesive Convertible Bra – Sometimes along with the self-adhesive women like to have extra support from the band so the convertible Bras are a perfect option. They come with an invisible detachable band, so they do not obstruct the fashion statements These bras are a preferred choice of modern women.

Mango-shaped self-adhesive Bra- With traditional Bras some women want to have the perfect shapes for their breast and traditional strapless bra does not take care of this hence mango shaped bras create a sensual look for the breast.

Self-adhesive Bra Sparkle. In modern times women have various fashion styles and one style does not fit with every kind of clothing. Club life has statements like a front open top under which a visible Bralette or Bra is worn. Sparkled self-adhesive Bra creates a perfect look with fantastic cleavage, coverage, and lift.

Half Corsets – They are a perfect option for bustier breasts as they perfectly expose the breast with a nice, rounded shape. They also have ornamental work making the style classy and elegant. Depending on the breast type they have removable push-up inserts and provide a toned look to the stomach and ebbs area.

Booby Tape- Strapless Bras are not able to provide complete support for heavier beasts so Booby Tape is a wonderful product. Booby tape can be applied to lift up the breast and take care of specific bulges. With booby tape, you can also create a bandeau top-like effect

Silicone neck strap Transparent – Women sometimes want to have extra support without visible straps and at the same time want to have no obstruction. Neck straps have a transparent look, and they lift the cups completely taking care of the gap between the breast and the cups.

Self-adhesive insert -They are a perfect replacement for some styles where Bras are not worn. Because of the flexibility in the placement, they can really create a customized look and are available in various colors. They enlarge and lift the breast as well and can be washed and used multiple times.

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