When you are planning to buy a Bridal Lingerie Online or a designer Bra Online for the would-be bride

A quick guide for the would-be bride when you are planning to buy a Bridal Lingerie Online or a designer Bra Online.

Pre-Wedding shoots: Normally you would like to have the Bra which is comfy as well as a selection of Colours that are good for wearing under your light Translucent tops or dark coloured tops. We have Blackjack and Caipirinhas as the perfect solution for those outwear. Of course, you can always choose soft or padded options depending on your Breast type. These products have 03 different types of Panty to choose from depending on whether you are wearing tight Lowers Skirts or Traditional Indian Attire.

Cocktail Party – For the cocktail dresses, you would like to have an option where you should have both options open i.e. a deep neck Gown or a deep Back Gown. Of course, you would like to have embroidered or designer laces borders so that even a glimpse would give it a designer look. Our best suggestion would be Berenika which fits perfectly for that purpose.

Wearing a Heavy Lehenga Choli on Your Wedding – An embroidered Bra would be the perfect option on this day. It should be perfectly stretchable without providing any discomfort as you have spent a huge amount on the perfect fit. A perfect Bra with the right Fabric Mix is the need of the hour and Luxusimtim has the perfect solution for this. Whether you want to have a designer option or a neutral color option depending on the color of the outfit, you have the answer in the form of Long Island or Belinda. Our Lingerie collection has a fabric mix to ensure a perfect fit without putting pressure on your skin and Pressure on your Breast Tissues.

Wearing A saree- For such occasions, an option with wider shoulders would be the right option and be careful to choose the right material or fabric mix as on the occasions where photographs are clicked and videos are made, you would like to be very comfortable. Melinda would be a suggested option from Luxuaintim as it has a wider strap as well the right color and construction for Bridal wear. Our Lingerie’s have European precision which states a standard within 3.5 mm of the desired movement which means it would fit very well because you have invested a huge amount on your outer outfit and innerwear should be commensurate to that standard.

Honeymoon or 1st Night – This is the day when you would add an element of sensuality and spice and there could be nothing more perfect than the peony bra and Panty set from Ajour. Embroidery and Colour are according to the mood coupled with that element of Lure would make this special day a perfect Paly.

Casual Outing during Honeymoon – You would love to have a product that could provide multifunctionality like wearing under your open tops or open dresses. Veronika is such a classy and elegant product from Luxusintim which would serve this purpose.

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