There is more to a Lingerie Fabric when you Buy Lingerie and Swimwear Online

There are a lot of categorizations in terms of looks, construction when you search for an intimate product Like Bra or Panty Online. There are lot of descriptions like it is a half-cup, full cup Bra, padded Bra, Balconette, Bridal Lingerie, or activewear.

However, a bra, panty, Swimwear, or nightwear is more than just a cloth in a wardrobe. With modern women being more active with a professional career, more expressive in their Personal Life as well as in Public Life, this is the most important aspect in terms of comfort, looks, and appearance. What makes lingerie more expensive is the careful eye on every detail right from the Thread to Packing.

Important detailing goes into the threads and the dying to start with that is why while designing most of our products designers look for the manufactures following the Highest European production standard whack creates consistency in feel, Hygiene, and looks in long terms. All the Fabrics and production process follows the OEKO TEX standard 100 which means all the components including Fabric, Buttons, Hooks; Laces, etc. are treated for removal of all the substances which causes the damage to human health and skin. Lingerie does not cause breast cancer, but the wrong Fabric may Create some damage to the skin as lingerie is always worn for a longer period. Procuring such high-value fabrics, accessories and making the Lingerie and Swimwear makes it of real quality.

Lot of confusing production descriptions exist in terms of fabric utility and they do not provide a clear picture to the utility and their contribution to the quality of the end product.

Polyamide – It is strongest ran material Fibre in both wet and dry conditions. It does not crease, unlike Cotton and polyester. Polyamide is very soft and resistant to Moisture that is why even if you wear the Lingerie for a longer time in summer or winter, it will not create skin problem

Elastane- Spandex is often also called elastane or lycra. In fact, this definition is correct, but it is worth knowing that spandex is a more general concept.

Both elastane and lycra belong to the group of polyurethane threads, but elastane is a knitted thread made using a special “wet” technology, and lycra is one of the varieties of elastane, but it is produced using a “dry” method.

Clothes with elastane are for intensive use. They do not wrinkle and perfectly retain their shape, no matter how long we wear them. Use of elastane is important for clothes like Lingerie which fits tightly to your body but still remain comfortable and stretchy.

Spandex – Spandex garments are not affected by external factors. It can be used in the bright sun, in a chlorinated pool or at sea with saltwater. When elastane or polyamide is mixed, they provide more stretchability and longer retainability of shape.

Cotton – Sometimes a little bit of cotton is mixed to provide more breathability. Although in Lingerie products cotton is not a prime fabric but mixed in a small quantity can add up to feel depending on the construction and end-use of innerwear.

Polyester- Polyester provides better mixability of the products as in Lingerie 3 to 4 different types of Fabrics are used this fabric as well provides good colour retainment of the Product.

Viscose – When mixed this fabric makes an addition to silk-like feel and makes the product to drape well. This provides more breathability and adjusts the Lingerie to the seasonal change.

Hight quality Lingerie makers always research a lot of the fabric souring and the mixing depending on the end-use and the comfort of the Lingerie and Swimwear.

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