A Quality Lingerie is not just clothing but it is a strong expression of Modern Women’s self-identity

Express Yourself the idea of Vandana Agrawal (Founder of Luxusintim ) is just not a caption but the complete idea of womanhood, her expression of multidimensional personality, her right to achieve and demand everything which defines her choices. Lingerie is just not a piece of cloth for today’s woman, but she chooses and wears what makes her expression complete. Her choices are not just simple, but it is around her life events whether it is personal or professional.

Multifunctionality- Modern woman has her wardrobe full of ideas which fits on multifunctionality, to add value to her multidimensional personality. She is willing to invest in quality Lingerie which she can wear on various occasions to flaunt her body and style. Quality lingerie maker needs to add decorative add-on like mesh, Laces, adjustable straps, embroidery etc to supplement style quotient. Lingerie for her is the most important foundation of her outerwear and every Lingerie offering should be carefully selected to suit her expression rather than focussing on what is desired to be sold.

Confidence booster /self-care – Today’s woman is clear of her achievement and ambitions. Her confidence always inspires her to go for self-care and no compromises are accepted when it comes to her personality manifestation. A good lingerie is just not an intimate clothing but adds to her self-confidence and her charisma.

Expression of Intimate moments – Todays’ woman wants to make every personal important moment a voice of her expression, manifestation of her charm and persona. She wants to add an element of surprise in her private moment. Whether it is a next level of intimacy, expression of sensuality, in her game of lovemaking she wants to discover and make every moment special every day. A survey done also affirm this where female participants have indicated that sexy lingerie adds to their sensual moments with their Partners.

Personal hygiene – Today’s woman asks specific questions when it comes to lingerie like Breast cancer, Skin friendliness, fabric quality to ensure aspects like stretching, Fitting, removal of odour, absence of accessories mark on her skin. A quality lingerie maker needs to work on these aspects by adopting Standards Like OEKO TEX 100 standard, fabric mix, accessories, and laces free of damaging chemicals.

Comfort and elegance- Lingerie is just cutting the cloth into shape and writing nice product stories around it to sell. Comfort and class would come from the quality from choosing every basic component carefully and she is fully mindful of this fact. For example, a quality Lingerie needs to develop and connect unto 100 pieces to reach a level of product elegance. She understands the concept of desired movement limitation in a design, foundation of stretchability, fabrics role in maintaining comfort regardless of duration lingerie is worn and every quality Lingerie designer needs to know this which comes from an extensive product development research.

Unique moments need unique style statements – Nowadays notable events of life have changed so much. so are the product expectations. Something like for a bride her pre wedding shoots, cocktails dresses, wedding days, Honeymoon first night her lingerie choices are different. Making lingerie with colour patterns, shape, design, accessories would need a completely different product idea. She cannot be convinced to buy a Lingerie just by mentioning these events as she knows exactly what would fit to her dressing and is advised by an informed stylist. Quality Lingerie makers would make a complete collection right from the basics of product development. Same goes for her various life events and styles depending on her shape and body structure.

No more shackles of social stigma- Modern woman’s hygiene needs. her personality and body flaunt is no more a taboo. Modern Lingerie makers need to be bold with designing and talk about every shape and body posture. Communicating with the woman the idea of flaunting her body, her styling ideas and developing a product to project these traits is especially important. That is why the changing mix of products from budget dominance to Luxury dominance is the future of the Indian Lingerie Market.

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